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jean jacket: found it, scarf: h&m, shirt: target, skirt: thrifted, boots: ross
I often feel overwhelmed; I'm generally in a pretty consistent state of anxiety because of something or other going on in my life. A good amount of the time, I feel like maybe I'd feel more confident and secure with what's happening in my life if I planned things out better, or if I was just better at following through with things. I want to change. Wait, let me revise that. I want to change the things in my life that I can control. I want to be proactive for once. Too often do I let myself be swept up by everyday life and I lose not only the big picture, but I let things go that I could be actively adjusting. For example... I want to start exercising regularly and being healthy - not because I have a parents breathing down my neck about it - but because it's something I want for my life. As for what I can't control - like the anxiety associated with choosing a major and classes etc - I have to learn to take a deep breath and take one day at a time.

On a separate note, I'd like to discuss food and coffee. I have two distinct new favorite past times. First, coffee shop study sessions. I'm not in Seattle, Washington for nothing! Walking to Fremont (a hip neighborhood close to SPU) is an easy trip and my friends and I have made a habit of going to this amazing coffee shop called Milstead & Co. Secondly, Thai food. If you didn't know this about me, I'm horribly unwilling when it comes to trying new food, so when some of my friends decided to go grab some Thai, I came along with an unsure mindset. However, I'd just like you all to know that I'm now in love with it. Twice now my group of friends and I have paraded over to Fremont to one of the numerous Thai restaurants and settled in for a delicious meal.

Anyway, if you gained any understanding from this post, then huzzah! My objective has been conquered. Also, by the way, this is what I wore on Friday. HOLLA! xxoo

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  1. I'm so jealous you're studying in Seattle, such a wonderful place!

    Enjoy some great coffee ;)

  2. Lovely outfit! Hope things will get a little less stressful for you! And by the way, I MIGHT have to hop on a plane purely for the purpose of getting a latte from Milstead & Co. :)


  3. Holla! Super cute, girl~


  4. First off, you're absolutely gorgeous and your photography is amazing. Second, I wrote a post just recently about controlling things like this in my life. It's amazing that we're totally on the exact same page about this. I think that if you put your mind to it, you can definitely achieve it. After all the things you've been through recently then you should seriously believe in yourself! You can do it gerrlfrann. ;)
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  5. I just discover your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! Love your style:)
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  6. This outfit makes me wish I had a jean jacket because it looks so cute with your patterned skirt and cozy scarf. Also, I know how you feel about planning and such. I'm a big procrastinator, but writing things down helps me. I always make sure to have a planner for every school year so I can write every due date in it and remind myself of it a week or two before things are due. It helps. But I still have trouble fitting in day to day things like exercising and such. You can do it, though! I believe in you!

  7. the leaves look gorgeous! i think most people stress ab the things they cant change!


  8. I've always wanted to try Thai food.. not sure why I haven't yet haha

    xo Jennifer


  9. Awe, isn't it nice when you learn to love new things?! I can understand your anxiety--I have a fear of eating out at places where I don't know what's going in food, but then I learned that many restaurants are actually decent and put the ingredients on their website, and so now I'm not as afraid to have the occassional dining-out experience... weird, I know, but it reminded me of what you said. Btu yes I'm glad that you love Thai food now! I'm sure there will be many other things for you to try.

    These pictures are gorgeous--especially the one of the tall yellow tree! Hot damn, nature sure is pretty.And I love your cozy scarf and dainty earrings, ee~

  10. Ahhh this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! Which is saying a lot, with how many you have... ;) I saw a pic of you in it on FB with some of your friends and I really wanted to say how much I loved your scarf! But one of your friends had posted the picture and I didn't want to be a weird stranger complimenting you so I didn't say anything. :p Anyway you're gorgeous as always girl! & keep on keepin' on. Things will work out some way or another, even if you don't have control over it! :)

  11. I adore just everything about this outfit!

    Also recently discovered how awesome Thai food is! YUM!

  12. You are darling and I love love love this outfit! I love the mix of prints too. You are blossoming :)

    xo Ashley


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