Halloween Edition

For Halloween this year, I was a (stereotypical) French person! Haha while it's not the most original or unique costume, at least I dressed up! And at least I wasn't a cat. Because I'm pretty sure that's the default costume for most girls. I later realized that my costume could have been made even better if I drew on a mustache and wore a red ascot... but you work with what you got! Though I did buy the beret for this occasion.

These are my three closest girl friends on my floor who I love dearly. From left to right in the first photo up top... Me, Kristie, Money, and Mallory. They are so awesome and I just love them. Pretty much all I can say... :) I hope everyone's Halloween was da bomb and now it's November! Yay! P.S. Tomorrow I'm meeting Maggie and spending the day with her. BLOGGER MEETUPS FTW. See you all soon! xxoo


  1. You look adorable, and I love the french baguette! :P

  2. these pictures are so fall-fun! i like the vintage colours and especially your wearable and warm outfits!
    pandaphilia fashion

  3. Totally adorable! I respect that you girls didn't slut it up like most college girls lol

    xo Jennifer


  4. Your hair rules. And you're right; way better than a cat.

  5. Woo! I put on a stereotypical French person costume so I could get a $2 burrito at Chipotle on Halloween. It was the only thing I could think of that I could make out my own wardrobe. Plus it was comfy for those couple hours of burrito fun times. You looked really cute in yours! You can't go wrong with stripes and a beret.

  6. I was a cat on Halloween. Pretty unique as Halloween is not a big deal in Europe (yet) :p

    You look adorable!

  7. Aww that last photo is so funny and sweet :) I love your costume! You look so gorgeous. So tired of seeing cats everywhere.


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