Goodbye, So Long

button up: j.crew, skirt: urban outfitters, cardigan, purse, & loafers: thrifted
October seemed to flash by as quickly as the leaves have fallen from the trees - and oh, have they fallen (as you can clearly see by all my photos as of recently). Tomorrow is Halloween and then it's November 1st! Rabbits rabbits! We've had windy and chilly-to-the-bone days over here, and then days like yesterday where I could go tights-less. So strange, but I can dig it! Now it's raining again though, and it looks like we will be having a wet Halloween as well. Yet, I am still in love with the Seattle weather. Maybe it's just the type of person I am, or maybe I will find myself sick of the rain in a couple months - but for now, I am still impressed with the beauty of my surroundings and how lucky I am.

I wouldn't know how to exist if I stayed in Nor Cal for school; nor do I think I have thrived if I went to a junior college over there. However, the "├╝ber pumped" feelings I had for the first month of being at SPU have worn off slightly and now I'm feeling more emotions each day; some homesickness and some just general "blehness". I still love where I am, and love the people and the adventures and everything, don't get me wrong. I just think I've come down a bit from my high, to put it that way.

Anyway, I have to be on my way. Kristie is watching Paranormal Activity 2 and I gotta get on that. See you soon! xxoo

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  1. aw, goodbye October. :( so sad to see it go. But I'm oddly excited for the Holidays. I mean, I usually am, but I'm super excited for this year. Which is weird, cause I don't think it'll be any different. haha!
    LOVE this outfit, as always!

  2. For a moment there I thought you were going to stop blogging, and I was aghast! But luckily you're staying, haha.

  3. Gotta love Ms. Sommer! I still say 'rabbits, rabbits' too ;D Ahhh, I wish there were leaves down here like yours! We've been having bipolar weather too except much more summery-ish than fall. :( You're so cute as always! :)

    1. Oh Ms. Sommer. I always remember Rabbits Rabbits later in the day but never right when I wake up.

  4. Super cute! I love that sweater and the loafers! :)


  5. You look adorable! I especially love that watch necklace. :3
    Nor Cal is missing you but is glad you love Seattle so much.

  6. Lovely outfit

    PS my own college love of football lasted about that long too. I still wanted the team to win but wasn't as excited about games....

  7. beautiful! the leaves and pumpkins feel perfectly halloweeny, and that deep green looks SO pretty on you!

  8. Yeah, this is always where the homesickness hits, not when you first arrive but after a few weeks. Just keep yourself distracted and remember that most problems aren't nearly as important as we make them seem. :) Love this whole outfit btw.

  9. Loving this outfit. The colors together are kind of perfection. Pretty much all your outfits are perfection. Just saying!

  10. Hopefully you get over the blah-ness soon! You can't be blah for the holidays ;)

    xo Jennifer


  11. I love your outfit. I feel the same exact way. I'm starting to get homesick and really miss SO-cal. Hopefully it will get better!
    xoxo Debby

  12. Lovely lively outfit and what an amazing pendant. As always, love reading your posts.

  13. Aw so sad to hear that you're starting to feel homesick now :( You'll see your family soon enough though! The holidays are coming so fast- it just seems like time is literally zipping by. I love your outfit- especially that skirt!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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