I was originally trying to make this a themed Mixtape Monday; trying to hype up the spook for this coming Wednesday... But alas, I decided to just stick with music that I'm currently adoring. One out of many benefits of making new friends here at SPU is that they share their music with you and you have so much more to listen to. I love that. Having brand new tunes just makes my heart glad. I hope you feel the same way! Maybe some of this is new to you - maybe not - but either way, I hope you enjoy your Monday! xxoo {original photo}
mixtape 19 by Elanor Barosko on Grooveshark

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  1. What you wrote about friends and their music is so true! A large part of the reason why I attracted my boyfriend is he loved my music taste so much. That may seem like a stretch, but musical taste is definitely a part of a person. I can't wait to give this a listen!

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