Carry on, Carry Out

Oh my. Not having a computer has been a blessing and very much a curse. While I've enjoyed not being constantly connected to the internet, I do miss blogging a lot. I've been taking photos, but I have no where to edit them because Photoshop and all my actions are on my computer that's temporarily busted. Fortunately, my brother has ordered the parts that need fixing - apparently the power button broke? Bah who knows. So hopefully by mid next week I'll be posting again...? This has been incredibly frustrating. Not to mention, all of my other electronic devices are breaking along with my computer. Did I mention that? Hahhhh. Yeah, my speakers have more static than they used to, my mouse is glitchy, and my phone is glitchy too. As my dad said, "when it rains, it pours!"

The issue with getting this post together was the fact that I needed to resize these Instagram photos... I eventually downloaded Gimp onto my parent's computer and did it from there. Enough about that. Happy December 7th! I'm home now and will be until January 2nd. Hoping to do a lot of fun things with my family and my old friends. :) Can't say when my next post will be... but fingers crossed it will be soon! Keep up with me on my Twitter or Instagram if you'd like, though. Love you all! xxoo


  1. These pictures are really pretty :) You always have nice ones!

    xo Ashley

  2. Enjoy not having a computer - it can be a blessing!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Ugh that sucks about your computer. There's always something to fix. And it does seem like all the electronics need to be replaced around the same time. It's such a weird thing about modern life...

  4. Great photos! Your handwriting looks amazing. :)
    Good luck getting the computer issue sorted out! I've had the same problem before and it makes life quite a bit harder at times.


  5. Indeed! Whenever my computer is having an issue, all my other devices are starting behaving too. Good luck, E!

  6. These still turned out lovely, despite not having your computer and photo shop! Thank goodness for the good camera on iphone, I guess! -Jessica L

  7. what lovely images! I recently read lolita finally.... and it was ... interesting. Slightly depressing though.



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