Um hello

Bah so this is just an informational post where I inform you that my computer simply won't turn on and that is why I am not posting here, and why I'm not reblogging on Tumblr, and why I haven't been answering my emails, et cetera. Not only is this frustrating because I can't post on my blog, but also I can't even do homework that requires the internet or homework that requires writing on Word and the like. In addition, this has occurred over dead week, and on to finals week. So it's just a huge bummer an obviously an inconvenience. 

I'll be going home in four days, and when I'm back I'll be figuring out what the problem is as soon as possible. Please hang in there as I deal with this. I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you all lately but this is the explanation why! :(

xxoo Elanor


  1. Can't wait for your return! I hope it's soon :)


  2. I'm sorry to hear that! Good luck with figuring everything out!


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