Currently: The Night Before

As we enter a new week (the week of Christmas, no less!), I thought it would be fitting to do a bit of an update on what's going on "currently" in my life. It's Christmas Eve, so I'm sure you are all with your families and settling in for a relaxed time with those around you. But if you have a moment, take a look and think about what your "currently" post may turn out like!

Watching: As promised, I am rewatching Mad Men. I just finished the first season and I'm thinking I better pace myself a little better if I want four more seasons to last until this spring (when season six is supposedly coming out). For movies, I just recently watched Back to the Future I & II with my parents! The original movie is brilliant - I love it! However... I can't say the same for part II... And I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bother with part III. :(

Listening to: Since I've been staying up somewhat late these past weeks, I've been enjoying listening to calming and feel-good music at those hours. One artist I recommend is The Weeknd. I've also been listening a bit to Tegan & Sara's singles from their new album, Heartthrob. I can't really tell you how I feel about them yet - maybe once I listen to the whole album when it comes out.

Thinking about: Of course, the fact that tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas! Although the hype for the holiday is not the same as when we were little, I still love the feeling of family coming together for a special time. Also, I am thinking about the reason for the season - the birth of Christ.

Looking forward to: Along with a couple of gifts I'm looking forward to opening tomorrow morning, I am anticipating seeing Les Miserables! It's one of my favorite musicals - the music is so amazing! I saw this show live in LA a few summers ago with my dad, if you guys remember. I am also looking forward to seeing Trombone Shorty live in San Francisco next Saturday! Eeps there's so much!

Reading: After seeing The Hobbit, I decided I needed to reread the book, so that's what I'm reading! Rereading can be a great thing, because you catch what you may have missed the first time when you were focused more on the plot than on the beautiful details.

Making me happy: My cat is getting better! This is definitely making me happy. It turns out that she had an awful fever somehow...? So the vet rehydrated her; we are now giving her antibiotics and we are instructed to keep her inside. This is difficult because now that she is feeling better she really wants to go out! Haha she's a precious one.

Merry Christmas Eve! xxoo


  1. I always love reading these types of posts. Back to the Future is one of my favorite series ever. I would just go ahead and watch the third one if I were you. They go back to the old west and everything is concluded.
    I'm also looking forward to Les Mis! I really want to see it on Christmas but I may have to wait if we party a bit too late. Oh well.

  2. Merry Christmas Eve Elanor! I am so excited to see Les Miserables! I honestly don't know anything about it but I'm planning to do some research because the movie trailer looks AMAZING!! I'm so happy your cat is better too. I prayed for her cause it is so terrible when your animal is in pain. I feel the same about Christmas, I'm just excited to see my family and spend time with them stuffing our faces! I hope you're enjoying your break!
    xoxo Debby

  3. I've still gotta read the Hobbit and the entire LOTR series... I guess that's all right since I haven't really watched any of the movies all the way through yet, heheee. I hope the movie was great! And Elanor, have a very wonderful and magical Christmas! <3


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