Birds flying high,

skirt: thrifted, top: vintage, a gift, jacket: gap, bag: marshall's, boots: ross, scarf: from nicole
First post of the New Year! I apologize that it's been a few days - I flew back up to Seattle on the second and have been busy getting back into the swing of things with classes and all that. My current schedule includes a "university foundation" course which focuses on the faith aspect of SPU, introduction to interpersonal communication, and woman's choir. So far everything seems like it's going to be very interesting and enlightening. I've been mulling over communications as a major and wondering how it could be used or beneficial to me - hopefully taking this class will answer those questions! I'm definitely excited for this quarter. :)

I wore this yesterday and my precious friend Rachael took these photos for me! Still haven't figured out how to use a tripod on campus without being way too embarrassed... So I've just been continuing to utilize any friends who don't mind helping me out. If you've been in my situation, how did you take outfit shots in college when you lived on campus? See you lovelies soooon! xxoo
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  1. Your birdy scarf is adorable! I have a bird print fabric that I really want to make something with, I should make a scarf!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Looking lovely as always :)

    Happy New year!

  3. Ah, that's so good that you've got people to take pictures for you! I have a friend who would be willing to take outfit pictures for me if I needed thankfully, but I haven't really had to yet. :) Haha, so I don't really have any advice for ya then. Woops!

    Those boots are so cute. Ross? Get it gurl!

  4. I like the print of the scarf against the lace of your shirt.


  5. GORGEOUS!! I love this outfit. What kind of camera/ lens do you use?? I so wish I had someone that would take my photos, tripod is all I've got. :P Happy New Year!

  6. Lovely outfit as always. I just love those boots!

  7. I love this outfit! I really like your scarf. I live on campus and take outfit post with a tripod sometimes. I just try to go to areas that there isn't a lot of people.
    Almost Endearing

  8. so cute! love that lacy shirt! xoxo

  9. I'm loving the lace and bird print scarf! At school I always finding a hiding place with my tripod to take pictures. A railroad runs through campus, so if I follow it past the class buildings I am relatively secluded! I think your friends are better photographers than mine... haha.


  10. Yes, lucky you to find a good photographer! haha Lovely outfit, the bird scarf is absolutely beautiful!

    <3 Megan

  11. You look so pretty in a lace top and pretty, light scarf :) So dainty and feminine.

    xo Ashley

  12. Aw, such a cute outfit! That scarf is awesome :] and about the tripod on campus...I honestly find it easier to ask my friends. A tripod is just as much hassle as friends are, if not more. Usually I just ask a few who understand blogging and they snap a few right after class or something. Also, anyone who needs photos to add to a portfolio usually jumps at the chance. I save my tripod for when I either can't find a friend, there isn't a soul on campus, or when I'm at home. :] Sorry! Hope that helps!

  13. Your friends seem to be doing a great job so far!
    I'm surprised your semester started so early!

    xo Jennifer


  14. So adorable!
    I'm terrible at tripod photography...haha! I usually have my husband or sister take photos. It's just quicker and less embarrassing in public. But you gotta do what you gotta do for blog photos, huh? ;)

    Best of luck with the new semester! I'm sure you'll do great.

    Ps. I'm listening to your Mixtape playlist. Lovin' it.

  15. I love this! That scarf is so cute.

    I feel silly taking tripod photos in public places, but the majority of my friends are terrible picture takers, so I gotta do it!

    Tiff Ima

  16. This is such a cute outfit! That lace top looks wonderful with your cool striped skirt. I really love the bird print scarf too. All the patterns look really great together.
    Also, woo communications majors! My master's program has an emphasis on telecommunications. It's a really broad major to go into, so there's a lot you could do with it.
    And luckiy I didn't have to worry about taking outfit pictures right on campus when I was a freshman because I didn't have a blog then! I'd imagine it's a bit of a bother because I agree it would be awkward to tripod-it-up right next to the dorm.


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