Honey Come Home

sweater: vintage, thrifted, dress: forever 21, jacket: gap, shoes: thrifted
Happy Friday! This weekend looks like it's going to be a good one, based on the temperature highs as well as the fact that we have no classes on Monday for MLK Jr. Day. A slight pause and time to recollect is something I feel is pretty necessary right now. As I mentioned previously, my exhaustion level is at an all time high now and I feel like I've just been dealing with some crappy emotions. Lately the best time of the day has been the first couple hours after I wake up when Kristie and I sit in our pajamas, eating oatmeal and drinking coffee like old women - just scrolling through Tumblr and giggling together. I mean, it's basically my favorite time ever, but then there's always that realization that we have to go do something and get a move on eventually.

Anyway, this is definitely not to say I'm not content with the rest of my life, but there have definitely been some ups and downs - times of feeling accomplished and times of feeling like I'm doing absolutely nothing worthwhile et cetera. I suppose it's just this season of my life? Hah, I guess that could be used as an explanation for anything.

I've been spending quite a bit of time in the library with Rachael lately and it's been a good quiet place to actually get work done - so I've been thankful for those hours. I feel like getting out of the room to study has really done me well so far this quarter. Not to mention I really enjoy the two academic courses that I'm taking. The Christian Formation class I'm in has been so insightful and it's only been six classes of learning. I finished Life of Pi and I think today I am going to start reading some spiritual works by C.S Lewis that I received from my dad at Christmas. I think it's a silly excuse on my part to say that I don't have time to read, when really, we all know how much time we spend browsing Facebook every day. I wish you all a great start to this weekend! xxoo
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  1. I feel like college is constantly just ups and downs and such... sometimes you just are fine with relaxing, but other times relaxing seems like it's not the best thing to be doing at the time! I can definitely relate, though I may have read that differently.

    I adore those shooooes and I always will. <3

  2. I have ups and downs on a daily basis it seems like! I guess we all just have to push through them. I love your outfit, those shoes are awesome.
    Almost Endearing

  3. Those shoes are great!

    Yes reading is becoming a lost hobby! The viral world has taken over, but whenever you can steal a hour to read, steal away.

    Tiff Ima

  4. You always have the best thrifted shoes!

    xo Jennifer


  5. As your great-grandpa Woody used to say.... "Go Right on Working" which equals GROW!! Love your outfit - and the setting! xoxoxo

  6. How lovely and serene you look here. Your photos are so beautiful, Elanor, as are you <3
    xo Maria

  7. So in love with your shoes and sweater!


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