1 / Last week, three friends and I went to one of the many Thai restaurants in Seattle - this time, Jai Thai. I hadn't been there before and I think I could have ordered my Pad Thai to be a bit spicier than I did, but otherwise it was pretty good! I still prefer Tawon Thai the most so far. Mmmm it's so good, I just can't even. Lately I've been craving Indian and Thai and Mexican and just anything not from the school cafeteria.

2 / I've finished Life of Pi since taking this shot as I've told you, but it was certainly a good read. I got through it pretty quickly since I had to read it for class, but it was one of those required-reading books that you actually enjoy. Also -- Americanos and drip coffee have been my go-to drinks these days. Working on conserving money (and leaving out excess calories) means no fancy-dancy drinks. At least not most of the time.

3 / Petting moss 'n hanging out with John Muir. Basically. I've even adopted some moss that now occupies my room. Some of which I should take snapshots of one of these days! Plants are fun, guys. They are like pets when you aren't allowed to have pets!

4 / A few recent purchases. I couldn't resist this lovely twelve dollar tote (found on Etsy) ... and this pretty dangly arrowhead necklace... and this beautifully sparkly little notebook... Um. I promise, they weren't expensive. : ) I've especially been enjoying the notebook lately. It's been good to jot down thoughts and inspiration et cetera.

I wish you all a great start to your week and if you have off from work or school today, then yay! Celebrate the life of MLK Jr. and all he did for the civil rights movement. Also, relax and eat chocolate for me. Cuz I still can't.

xxoo E


  1. I read Life of Pi my freshman year of high school, and I have to say I think I was too young to appreciate it. However, reading about John Muir in the wilderness seems perfect. Also, I adore your recent purchases :). A good notebook and tote bag are my weaknesses and definitely essentials for college life. I hope everything has been treating you well!

  2. crazy what a hat can do, huh? love it! hope you start feeling up to snuff soon elanor, thx for your honesty though!! so i wanted to let you know that i pinned a couple of your looks to the new fashion & faith pinboard, check it out! http://pinterest.com/lindseyherzog/fashion-faith-bloggers/ xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}


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