Bustling Around

jacket: t.j. maxx, blouse: thrifted, vintage, skirt: thrifted, h&m, boots: dsw, bag: marshall's
Coming to you live -- from my dorm room -- a potentially sick lady ova here. I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and took an Emergen-C, but so far there hasn't been much improvement. I took a nap after class yesterday and tried to drink a lot of fluid, so hopefully by the end of today I will start feeling better again. This is a busy week for me, what with mid terms and a dorm skit/dance competition this Saturday. Let me tell you, people are dead serious about this competition. I'll let you know the outcome of the whole ordeal next week.

This outfit was from yesterday: I was actually extremely productive and spent a few hours at Bustle Caffe and got a lot finished! Now that just leaves studying... and studying, and studying...! Well, I don't really have any more to contribute to this blog post, so I think I'm going to draw this to a close for now. I really hope you all are doing wonderful this fresh February day. Anyone excited for Valentine's Day? ;) xxoo E

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  1. Beautiful blog, you look always amazing! ♥

  2. aww you look amazing! love both your bow blouse and your skirt!

    Drawing Dreaming

  3. ooo such lovely photos! i am the biggest sucker for old cars. i feel pretty eh about valentines, but i always do. not my favorite holiday, but i do love all the sweets associated with it! yay for pink and red candy!
    hope you get feeling better, and i am very curious about his whole skit ordeal. hope to hear more about that! haha

  4. I hope you feel better and fight off that cold! Love the outfit.
    Almost Endearing

  5. Hi pretty lady! I am kinda excited for Valentine's Day as it's my husband's birthday and I like to spoil him. :P

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. You are so cute! Love the whole look!

  7. Sounds like you have what I have. No bueno! Feel better soon!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Loving this classic and timeless look. Feel better!

  9. Gosh it is nice to know there are other college students out there that blog from their dorm rooms. Sometimes I feel stressed but then I remember how much I love my blog. Also it is so nice to see how successful you are and how much fun you are having!
    Love your outfit!

  10. A dance/skit competition? Heheh, Elanor, that sounds terribly fun! ;) and that's awesome that people are taking it so seriously. People are great. Good luck and I hope that you get to feeling better soon!

    And that burnt umber skirt is so very cute, too. You precious thing!

  11. So pretty as usual, I love the color and the waist detail on your skirt! Feel better. :)

  12. Great style and amazing blog, I'm definitely following you :)

  13. this outfit has to be my favorite of your recents, so vintage. and your surroundings are crazy beautiful!

  14. Love this.

    Tiff Ima


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