dress: urban outfitters, sweater: my mom's, jacket: the gap, boots: thrifted, vintage, tote: etsy
Hello! I think now is the time that I can safely announce that Missing Lovebirds has hit 700 followers! Thank you all SO MUCH. Like life, the seasons of blogging are constantly going up and down. The first year was a year of building up the blog, and the second year was definitely a year of tremendous growth as Missing Lovebirds went from 100 to 400 followers. However, the last few months and even the last year have not been that same crazy-explosion-of-followers that I had grown a bit accustomed to. But like I said, the seasons change and things fluctuate. I'm not angry -- instead, it is more of a sign that says I need to start building again. I think I need to make Missing Lovebirds even better. I love this blog and I love what I have, but I think there is definitely more to be uncovered.

In terms of this outfit and post -- I recently bought this UO dress during their big sale and I must say, I'm a huge fan of the bright orange. I feel like a spectacle in the best possible way, so that's something! And in other news, I need some new shear tights that don't have runs. Yep yep yep. Also, hey look, it's my friend Rachael! This is the lady behind the camera in all my recent photo sets. As a little plug for her, you can find Rachael over here on her lovely Tumblr blog. She's been my savior this quarter with taking all my photos. Plus, we explore great places - like the neighborhood of Queen Anne! I would love to live up there; it's gorgeous. Have a beautiful Sunday! xxoo E

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  1. Ahhh, congrats on hitting 700, my dear Elanor! You deserve it, yep yep. :) I'm glad so many people have been able to realize how lovely and amazing you are. <3 Here's to more kind followers and self-improvement!

    Your orange dress is so nice and bright, eee! I love the little crotched inlays, too.

  2. such a cute outfit! love the pop of colour from your dress!

    Drawing Dreaming

  3. Love the dress & necklace! I feel like this outfit takes us back in time. Great location, too!

    <3 Megan

  4. I totally know what you mean about growing your blog and kind of plateauing at points! I love this dress and the color on you is just beautiful.
    Almost Endearing

  5. Girly-pie, you are looking fabulous in that color!! I love the little lacy details in the dress too. Plus, those boots are killer cute. Congratulations on hitting the 700 followers mark. That's awesome and feels totally deserved. Your friend Rachael is a great photographer, so kudos to her too. Let me know when you'll be visiting SF next and we can meet up for photos, coffee and blog talk! XOXO

  6. I love everything about this outfit! Also, your tattoo is wonderful. I love the placement on your arm!
    Congratulations on 700 followers, you deserve it!


  7. That dress is so wonderful! The color suits you perfectly!

  8. Love that dress ~ adorable! Your hair is kinda cool - all long and shaggy now :) Rachel is so kind to help out with photos - but I don't think you meant "savoir": I think that means she has a certain elegant style in the French language - ask Kristie!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox p.s. the neighborhood cat looks very nice :)

  9. Ah, such a cute outfit. You have the best tights.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  10. Yay for 700 followers and for more building and growing too.

  11. That color looks great on you!

    xo Jennifer


  12. Congrats on the milestone! :) And let me just say, you (or your friend's) photography skills are amazing. That picture of the cat is a GREAT photo. Also, outfit wise, I am LOVING orange and army green together.

    xo Ashley

  13. i don't know how many times i can say i adore your outfit without it getting old. haha i seriously love EVERY.SINGLE.ONE!

  14. I love that dress! I wanted it so bad, but unfortunately by the time I got to it they didn't have my size.

    Maybe you did and I missed it, but I would love to know more about your tattoo! It's lovely and if there's a meaning behind it, would you mind sharing?

  15. Ahh I have seen this dress many times at work..it's so cute on you! I love the army green jacket too, the layers are great!

  16. ...and this is the part where I obsess over your darling dress and hipster shoes.


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