dress & shirt: thrifted, button-up: j.crew, jacket: gap, a gift, boots: marshalls, socks: forever 21
Hello! Happy February! My intention for this post was for it to go out yesterday - but my Thursdays have gotten to be one of the busiest and messiest days of the week, unfortunately. Not to mention, during the day, Rachael and I took a sporadic trip downtown and watched a short lunch music session by part of the band Bryan John Appleby. In itself, leaving campus is always such a joy. As much as I do love SPU, getting out and experiencing Seattle is what it's all about. And Bryan  had such a nice beard. What a doll. (I may post a photo of the mini performance later on.)

But anyway, I wore this on Wednesday to go study at Milstead in Fremont. We've been having some nice, though rainy (and muddy: see my boots), weather lately and because of this, I think my spirits have been lifted a bit. Also! Today's Friday and that means the weekend has arrived. I'll be studying a lot for midterms, which are next week, but also hopefully catching up on Girls, eating oatmeal, reading, and listening to Hummingbird by the Local Natives on repeat. Have you listened to the album yet? :) It's a good one. xxoo E

currently listening to // Local Natives - Hummingbird album


  1. I adore your knee highs :)

    xo Jennifer


  2. oh my gosh, that little fox necklace is so sweet!

  3. This look is super cute :)

    TIff Ima

  4. Great pictures, as always. I love your knee high socks with your pretty dress. The layering in this outfit is fantastic.

  5. Awe, Elanor-oooooooo! <3 I'm glad to hear that your doing well and that the weather is keeping you in high spirits. I adore these pictures! You're always such an impressive photographer, and your pictures always capture so many nice little details and tidbits and such. Your necklaces are so fun and I adore those socks!

    I hope that your Saturday was super duper pleasant! :DD

  6. I couldnt decide which outfit to leave a note saying cool outfit! SO Cool OutfitS!

  7. Aaah I love your fox necklace!


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