Checking in

1 / Nothing incredibly important about my cats-with-glasses socks, except for the fact that they are cats with glasses! My pal Miranda gave them to me a long time ago and I've finally started wearing them. Sometimes I wonder if my circulation is just really poor, and that's why my hands and feet get as cold as they do. But anyway, that's what these socks are for!

2 / Kale. Just kale. Rachael is obsessed with it and picks it fresh from bushes around Queen Anne. So far I'm not all that impressed with it's leafy appearance and earthy dirt taste. HMPH

3 / I'm glad photos were taken of this night, because this was one of the more spontaneous and exciting evenings of this quarter yet. It was homecoming weekend and the school put on a dance, which normally I would be opposed to. However, this time I said why not? and put on a dress and some pink lipstick and we went. It was ridiculous but so fun despite that. 

4 / You may or may not have seen this text from Proverbs 16:24 on Tumblr like I did - but I liked the script and the passage enough to write it out in my journal. I think it's so beautiful and it holds a good message that rings true in my life. Fun fact: I had reblogged the image on Tumblr and it wasn't until I was going to take this photo on Instagram that I googled the text's source. And hey! It's the Bible! Fancy that. :)
xxoo E


  1. lol @ the kale. Kale isn't my favorite, too, but I love spinach! :P Good enough, right?

    And those socks are amazing. I hope your week went well, Miss Elanor!

  2. kale sauteed in olive oil...sooo good!

    and your hair looks really cute in that photo from the dance!

  3. I will have to try to track down those socks for my oldest daughter.

    Kale sauteed with bacon, apple cider vinegar, red onion...mmm...

    You might like a book called Praying in Color.

  4. What are you doing with the kale? Sautee it with some garlic and oil then scramble an egg into it. That's my favorite way to eat it.

    Also, cats in glasses=AMAZING.


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