The playlist for this Monday is particularly special to me because these songs are part of a 60 song playlist that my wonderful mom made and sent to me! I feel so thankful that I have parents that listen to great music - as a matter of fact, I've learned of more bands and artists from them than a lot of my friends throughout time! I don't know how many kids can say that about their parents. But anyway, here are five songs that I felt would be perfect to share with you all! I hope your Monday is off to a lovely start - and if it's not, maybe this mix will help? xxoo E {original photo}
mixtape 23 by Elanor Barosko on Grooveshark


  1. Your mom is too great! I mean look at her taste in music. My mom's taste has vastly improved and whenever I go home we sing Lumineers and Head and the Heart together and it's basically the best <3

  2. I was so excited to see Caroline on this mix! I am also from MN and she is such an important figure in the local music scene, plus she is just such a sweet person! If you haven't listened to the whole Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 4 album that this song is off of, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

  3. I love that song by Beach House, and I've been hearing the Metric one around quite a bit, and I do like it. As I've said before, you have such LOVELY taste in music :) I always look forward to your Mixtape Mondays.


  4. My parents have great taste in music too, it's so good. I love being able to share and talk about music with them! I love look of this mix, currently listening to it while I eat my breakfast :)


  5. Love that version of Cry Baby Cry... such a great take on a Beatles song that I loved for so long! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This picture is awesome! I absolutely love it.
    I'm also adding these songs to my playlist!



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