Drive, Purpose, Patience

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'Ello my dears! First of all, I want to thank you if you gave me any feedback on my last post about the film, The Boat that Rocked. I just want to feel good about this space and what I share, so words of affirmation are helpful in that pursuit. I really want to feel reinspired with this blog -- to feel the drive and purpose again. Maybe that requires a different variety of content; maybe that requires less outfit posts; maybe that requires a change in my blog layout; or maybe it just requires me sleeping on the notion, eh?

When I write down what I want my life to look like, the list includes: read the Bible everyday, eat healthy foods, strive for interpersonal and deep relationships, spend less time on the internet/social networks, work with my hands more, and have more confidence in myself. Of course that's just a snippet -- but it's an interesting reminder of what's actually on my heart and what actually I need and desire out of life. I've been wrestling with thoughts on purpose lately and while I've reached no conclusion, I think there is something to be said about the unknown. About this time in our lives where we just don't know. It's when I remind myself that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. It's so important to focus on today and what I can do to better myself with the day in front of me. And it takes patience to discover and uncover one's purpose, which is another reason that it's a difficult thing.

On a completely unrelated note, I got a hair cut! Maybe you've noticed? The lady chopped off the beginnings of my mullet and now my hair is that much closer to reaching the same length! I'm so excited to begin to have hair again, whooo! xxoo E
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  1. I like how your hair is growing!

    xo Jennifer


  2. gah! seeing how lovely your hair is growing out makes me want to try just one more time to grow it out again. i think i just had an awful haircut the last time.

  3. Your growing pixie looks great! Would you please do a post on products/techniques you use to get your hair so smooth? I'm growing a pixie too and I could use some HELP. :)

  4. I love your pics and you are so cute!

  5. I'm growing out my hair too! I do have a head start over you but, at the rate my hair grows, we might have the same length around the same time.
    And this is your blog, and so of course you should do what you want, and figuring that out is important!


  6. I like your hair!! Really cute and noticeably different! It's fun you are trying solid colors - you usually don't do that much - love what you SAID today the most! xoxo

  7. You hair look great and a great idea to write down what you want to have daily in your life. It makes it that much more likely to happen.

  8. Girl, I'm up for whatever you have to post!! It's like me and my art stuff... still a part of your blog, even if it is something that diverges from the usual, yeah? :D But I love all of your posts--especially your music ones, because some of your music is right down my alley (up my alley? whatever that saying is, haha).

    Anyway, I love the color of your tights and those shoes are just precious.

  9. all good goals! I REALLY need to get off the computer. your hair's looking cute:)

  10. So, I'm sorry that I've been NOWHERE NEAR BLOGGING lately, because I've missed reading yours. I love this post, and I love you. your list is a great list, and is really similar to mine right bow. It's really good to know what you want from day to day life. so often I think we all get caught up in the future and what we want on a grand scale. but, maybe the way to find those answers to the big questions is to know what we want today,and find out how we want to improve in small ways.

  11. Hattitude Style Blog
    love love love your new hair cut! it is SO great. must be tough trying to grow out short hair but you are doing it amazingly! looking lovely as ever. ADORE those rings too.

    talk soon Elanor!
    Hattitude Style Blog


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