Pirate Radio

So feel free to shake your head head at me if this post is irrelevant now because I've been off the band wagon for so long -- but who has heard of The Boat that Rocked (or Pirate Radio in the US)? I just recently watched this film with some friends and was so surprised that not only had I not seen the movie, but I hadn't heard anything about it either. It came out in 2009, so like I said, if this is way old news to you, then just excuse this post. But if you're like me and apparently know nothing, then please read on! Maybe you'll be intrigued enough to watch the movie. :)

The Boat that Rocked is set in the 1960s around the time that rock and pop music was trying to find its way to the mainstream radio. However, the British government was not down for that to happen, of course, and was constantly trying to shut the pirate radio stations down. That's the premise for this film -- along with, of course, an eclectic cast of people who serve as the various DJs on their station, Radio Rock.

One of the major reasons that I enjoyed this movie so much was due to it being set in the 1960s. That alone should draw you all in. The fact that the movie was set on a boat, in the 60s, with dancing and great music gave me enough reason to be happily entertained throughout the whole thing. Also, the movie was rather long -- over two hours, which could perhaps be why it didn't get great reviews. Nonetheless, I simply loved the aesthetics of the film and that got me by no problem.

While I'm not always a fan of British humor, I'd say that this got many laughs out of me, which I take as a good sign. There was quite a bit of sex and humor surrounding sex, which sort of got annoying after a bit, but it wasn't enough of an issue that I wouldn't have watched it. I'd say just consider your audience before you watch this, but that's common knowledge.

On a final note, this movie had a great cast, in my opinion. Faces such as Rhys Darby, Chris O'Dowd, January Jones, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and others. I thought it was just a fun film, and definitely worth a watch. The soundtrack is also great -- I think I may go listen to it now, in fact!

Let me know in the comment section if you liked this post. I'm testing the waters (haha, get it? boat - water ?? ha) and really searching my heart for what I want to write about on this blog. Because I just watched this film, this was what I wanted to write about. Please tell me if you enjoyed this post! Thanks dears. xxoo E


  1. Love that movie. It is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven't see this either, but my parents are completely obsessed with it! Maybe I should give it a go, it sounds cool (things set in the 60s generally are). I really enjoy movie/music type posts so if you enjoy posting them, I'd love to see more!


  3. Love that movie, now I'm going to have to search for it so I can watch it again!

  4. haven't watched it.. but your post makes me considering to watch it :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. I LOVE this movie. Such a cute little review post. :]]]

  6. Wait, it came out in 2009? LOL I thought that it just came out... man, it's okay, Elanor, I'm totally slow with getting on movie bandwagons, too. I guess I've gotta watch this one. Perhaps it's on Netflix for me to watch one night.

  7. I really like this post! You tried something different but still wrote about a topic important to YOU! You rock!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxx

  8. haven't heard of it either- thanks!

  9. I enjoy finding cool things from cool people, so this is a win in my book! Thanks for the share, now it's added to my to-watch list!


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