Spring Awakening

top: target, skirt: flea market, vintage, boots: dsw, sweater: thrifted
Though it's not quite March (and March is the when I consider spring to, in fact, be sprung), I think I'm channeling spring in this outfit that I wore this past Saturday. This skirt has always been one of my favorites and to think that I found it at the flea market for five bucks is a pretty cool deal indeed. It's actually surprising -- since coming to Seattle, I haven't thrifted really at all, which is uncommon for me, if you've read this blog at all. Maybe spring quarter I'll try to thrift more? At least when I return to California this summer I'll have to go thrifting to make up for lost times!

But anywho, my gorgeous roommate Kristie took these photos so of course I had to include her in this post. We were also both wearing maxi skirts on this particular day, so basically we were perfect together. If only there was a third party member who could have taken a photo of us together! One day. For now, just pretend. xxoo E
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  1. pretty top :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. Your styles really compliment each other in these photos.

  3. ahh this does feel so springy, and I wish the weather would catch up! such pretty lace:)

  4. I wonder if this year's weather in Seattle is actually representative of normal "winter" conditions.... if so - Seattle is awesome - as we pretty much already knew! You look darling in that lace skirt - I remember when we found it! Looking forward to thrifting with you in the future! Can't wait to see you soon! xoxoxoxoxoo

  5. Aw you look so spring-y and cute in your lace skirt! I love the color of your top too. I really like your long lace skirt. I never wear long skirts, but if I came across one like this I think I would!

  6. I imagine there must be some great thrifting spots in Seattle!

    xo Jennifer


  7. I love the detailing on your top! Wish I could pull off such a chill maxi skirt like that! :]

  8. I absolutely love maxi skirts but I just haven't figured out how to wear them yet. I'm just so short.

  9. Aw, you look so pretty! That skirt looks lovely with that top! <3

    I can't wait for it to be officially spring! I miss not having to layer tights and cardigans with my dresses. :(

  10. Love the colors, that skirt is wonderful! Enjoying your friends' outfits you've been posting, too :)

    <3 Megan


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