In Time's Maze,

dress: ruche, button-up, belt, & shoes: thrifted, bag: marshalls, knee-highs: target
Remember when everyone repeatedly said, "Seattle is so rainy! It always rains! You better get used to the rain! Hopefully you like the rain boots you have, 'cuz that's all you'll be wearing!" Exhibit A: these photos are from yesterday. Basically the whole past weekend we had delightful weather. If the rain did come, it came at night. SO THERE. With it being so nice and sunny, I am anticipating spring and summer with much delight. I was telling my friends recently that I feel like I'm more excited to come home for spring break then I was for winter break, but I'm not sure why. I have a feeling that it's going to be a good twelve days though -- and then afterward that, the final quarter of my freshmen year of college! Gee wiz.

By the way, I appreciate the words of advice or just the attentive ears to the topics of my last outfit post. Bare with me as the blog and I shuffle blindly around for the next bit of time. Love you all. xxoo E

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  1. girl! that tattoo gets me every time! i just love it! do you think you will get more? and these photos are just lovely. the weather looks perfect! that last picture with the sun shining through the trees... gorgeous.

  2. Gasp, the sun! The sun is here! Hahaha, I'm happy for you. ;)

    Your orange dress is so pretty and bright (I'm guessing to celebrate the sun?).

  3. It does look like it was a beautiful day!

    xo Jennifer


  4. These photos are stunning! I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine!
    Have a lovely day :)

  5. Hah, it looks so wonderful there! I would definitely trade rain for all the snow we've been having. Love the shape of the dress! Fits you so perfectly :]

  6. That dress is so beautiful on you! I'm a little bit jealous of your lovely weather...


  7. This dress is beautiful, I love the neckline. I am also liking the new blog layout!


  8. I'm jealous of your weather, or the weather that appears in your photos here. Looks lovely! It is so insane to me, too, that this freshmen year of college is nearly over. Gee wiz is right! PS, keep up the hair growing out process, I'm excited to see what you do with longer-ish hair! :)


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