Cat Yawns / Barrettes

top: shop in berkeley, skirt: thrifted, h&m, wedges: kohl's, tote: etsy, necklace: gift from parents
Long-time-no-outfit-post! How are you all? If you've been paying attention to my Twitter or Instagram, you'll know that I am back home in Northern California for spring break! I flew in on Friday and it's been good to catch up with the family, cuddle with my cat, and have some quiet time. That's the thing about living in the dorms -- you are never by yourself too much and it's never very calm and quiet. But that's the point I suppose! People people people, community community community.

I wore this today (well earlier today when I wasn't in my pajamas; this post is getting out later than I wanted). For not wearing heels or wedges in months, I'd say that I didn't do half bad wearing these guys out and about today! I sort of wish I could wear heels more in Seattle, but it really doesn't make sense with all the hills and walking that I do. So my style is back and forth these days between trying to dress it up with heels (I actually really do like wearing them) and trying to be more comfortable and simple. Good news is: my bangs are long enough to pin back with a big barrette like this one! : ) xxoo E
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  1. You look so gorgeous in these pictures! The second one is my favorite. Your makeup is so natural and pretty. I love the clip in your hair and your thrifted skirt. Great wedges too! I hope you're having a nice spring break at home! I just got back from my spring break spent at home and it wasn't nearly a long enough break!

  2. :D Yay for spring break! And kitties! And heels! And growing hair!

  3. I love your necklace! So pretty and so dainty. Enjoy your break.


  4. Your earrings are so pretty! I am also still trying to grow my bangs out, it takes for freakin ever!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. Very pretty outfit! I bet it is wonderful to be home for a bit and the photo of your cat is adorable.
    Almost Endearing

  6. I am diggin' those wedges!

    xo Jennifer


  7. glad to see you back on the deck! <3 Always have loved that top! xoxo

  8. This outfit is perfect - I love everything about it :) You are simply stunning!
    I definitely relate to you with the tension between wanting to wear heels more often and having a lifestyle that makes them slightly impractical for daily wear. Oh well. That just means it's even more special when I do get a chance to wear them!
    Enjoy your time with family :)
    Have a lovely evening,


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