The Switcheroo

Hello! So, perhaps you have heard the news? Google has now announced that they are retiring Google Reader on July 1st. While it is not the same thing as Google Friend Connect, it seems that Google is making it pretty obvious that they're trying to clear out older tools to make way for Google+. Despite the fact that GFC is still *technically* there, Google doesn't update it and it's slowly but surely dying off like Google Reader. Fortunately, there are other websites for following blogs and that's what I'm here to tell you guys about. I, for one, am beginning the attempt to switch permanently over to Bloglovin'

I started using Bloglovin' less than a year ago, but it was a great decision from the get-go. It is simple, neat and organized, and definitely user-friendly. Do you already use Bloglovin' or are you new to it? What do you think of Google shutting down these tools?

So, want to make the switcheroo with me? Follow Missing Lovebirds on Bloglovin' HERE.


  1. I love bloglovin'. It's the best! I just hope people switching aren't nervous about it. Ya know, change and stuff. But I use bloglovin' and don't even read blogs via google reader. I never have.

  2. I'm the one wordpress weirdo who's had to use bloglovin from the start and I love it! makes it real easy to stay updated and keep track of what you've been reading.

  3. I love Bloglovin'. It's super simple and easy.
    Already follow you :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. I've used bloglovin' since I started following blogs, so I'm all set and following you already! It's really easy to use.

  5. I really disliked bloglovin' when I first signed up (chaaaaaaaaaange D: ), but I've gotten used to it and I've managed to move across quite a few of the blogs I follow easily, thank goodness. I'll be happy when it's all done and we're all on bloglovin'!



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