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skirt & top: thrifted, boots: marshall's, necklace: c/o oasap
More frequently than ever, I've been having a lot of late night conversations with closer friends and those that I hold dear to me -- we go deep into the night, sharing our stories and our troubles and our worries. While it hurts to hear the pains of others, I also find it comforting to be reminded that I am not going through the struggle alone. Though everyone is dealing with different problems, different anxieties, the truth is, nobody really has it together. We're all scrambling. Nobody is unafraid. I think it's a good reality check to remember that the sincere and honest truth is that no one has that ideal, perfect life.

These photos are mostly from this past Saturday and today on my various adventures with Rachael. We make the most out of the back-and-forth weather Seattle has been having, and enjoy the little details of life... like plant shops in Ballard, and the tulips that have begun to appear in Queen Anne... :) Sometimes that's all you need. xxoo E
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  1. A problem shared is a problem halved as my nan used to say! Looking lovely - I wish we were having weather like this!

  2. this is beautiful, and so are you. i always appreciate posts like this. the ones that are a reminder that no one completely has it together. we are all going through our own personal struggles, even if they are small ones. and it is always amazing to have those friends that you can confide in. these photos are the loveliest, and you are just the greatest!

  3. having good friends to talk to is really important thing! glad you have that to get you through college,

  4. OOh I love these pictures! And I love the maxi skirt with those boots!


  5. These are great photos :)

    xo Jennifer


  6. I always enjoyed having those deep talks when the occasion presented itself. I don't really have friends I talk to like that anymore though, so I envy your conversations! It's nice to be reminded that we are all having similar struggles.

    Anyway, your hair is getting so long already! And I really love your cool spiky necklace.

  7. You are such a gem! Thank you for your lovely reminder of the importance and JOY of being able to share our truths with trusted loved-ones - xoxoxo


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