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blouse: thrifted, button-up: j. crew, jeans: forever 21, boots: doc's, vintage, tote: etsy, sunglasses: urban outfitters
And out comes the pants! As you've probably noticed, I don't wear pants on the blog too much -- or in real life either, as a matter of fact. I figured it's sometimes appropriate to try out the casual style that is pants, except I came to the realization today that pants are just really not that comfortable! Maybe I need better (fitting?) pants or something, but either way, I just didn't feel too comfy today walking around. Nonetheless, here is an outfit post!

I've shown this street art on the blog before, but here it is again. I only recently learned this, but this smiling sheet was done by Christa Pierce (a senior here at SPU) for Depression Awareness in 2012. I don't know how anyone else feels about it, but this little piece of street art certainly brightens my day whenever I see it. Along with being just a great backdrop, this smiling face matched my outfit so I thought, what the heck! And here we are. :) I hope your week is productive and enjoyable thus far! xxoo E

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  1. Love the cour of you shirt and your rings are adorable!

  2. Your recent tweet about your boot collection definitely struck a chord with me- I have a pretty extensive collection myself. I love your brown Docs! I have a beautiful scalloped edge black pair that I've been wearing during the rainy days, but to be honest they need some more breaking in (despite being secondhand). Anyways, enough about boots. Lovely street art, and your bag matches the mentality! And as for pants, try Gap boyfriend jeans (when they go on sale!) if you want some comfort. I am about to renounce skinny jeans altogether in favorite of those bad boys.

  3. CUTEEEEE your shopping bag!!!



  4. Beautiful colors as always :) I love that chambray shirt!


  5. Love this outfit, very casual/chic.


  6. Hey, pants!
    Loving that blouse!

    xo Jennifer


  7. I think it's a darling outfit! It would also look cool to roll up the jeans to right before the top of the docs! xoxo

  8. I LOVE this necklace!!!! Where did you get it from, Etsy? The hearts and that flower I draw on everything!!!! I love this necklace, so beautiful!


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