You Shine Your Light,

dress: c/o sugarlips, boots: dsw, backpack: c/o yeswalker, sunglasses: urban outfitters,
Today was the warmest it has been here in Seattle since I arrived last autumn, and goodness -- it was glorious. It feels like everyone on campus was smiling and happy and ALIVE. It's interesting how college doesn't always feel like college until you actually see the student body out and about and bringing the campus to life with their personalities and spirits. It's been perfect the past few warm days, laying in the sun and soaking it all in. I think I can actually say that I perspired today and maybe even got a sunburn. Crazy, right?

Also: look at these photos! These were taken about a block from my campus. I have boats and water a block away from me. Don't let me ever forget how awesome it is that I go to school where I do, okay? Now excuse me while I try to go work on homework that I haven't done all day because of the fantastic weather, which as you know, inhibits the desire to do anything academic... xxoo E

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  1. You look so pretty with your hair like that! Love the dress!

  2. So pretty! I love the close up pattern of that dress! I like how you styled it with those boots. I bought similar boots and then I started running out of ways to wear them 'til now


  3. When I was in Seattle last September, it was so warm! I was expecting rain haha ;)

  4. YAY warm weather! you look adorable and your setting is so awesome!! very cute jewelry ;) xoxo

  5. You are looking absolutely stunning my dear!

    xo Jennifer


  6. This dress is just gorgeous! I love the ruffled details and the high-low hem. The color is super pretty on you too. Your owl earrings are adorable. Wish I had a pair like those!

  7. Lovely photos! That dress is really cute. I'm a blogger in Washington as well (I live in Bellingham) and have been missing that beautiful weather we got so spoiled with! Hopefully it will come back soon.


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