4 Things

1 / My school's literary and art journal, Lingua, had its Spring Journal Release Party last night. There was live music, snacks, and of course, the journals. One of my photographs, this photo titled She, was accepted into the journal!

2 / This past Memorial Weekend, Seattle hosted the Northwest Folklife Festival. If anyone is from the northwest area, you have probably heard of this fest. I went on Sunday with a few friends and it was wonderful! The weather cooperated too, which is always a plus. This is the only photo I got from the day unfortunately -- sometimes it's hard to remember to take photos when you're having fun.

3 / I wore this outfit yesterday for the Lingua release party. : ) Other photos were taken of the whole outfit, but I'm not in love with how I look in them. Sometimes I like how my hair is growing out, and sometimes I get very annoyed by it... Hrmph.

4 / Sam and Rachael! A few of my favorites 'round here. Aren't they cute/handsome/SO COOL? xxoo E


  1. Even though you can't see the whole outfit, I love the colors! And congrats on your picture being accepted!


  2. such fun! I would love to go to that fest! "SHE" is a lovely photo! love the textures and light. I like what I can see of that outfit... that blue and white dress is cool. BYEEEEE! xoxo

  3. That's bizarre, my school's literary+art journal had it's big release party last night as well. So exciting you got your photo in!


  4. wow Great outfit - and great blog too. Please stop by my shop about maxi dresses when you have time. Thank you!

  5. congrats on your photo being accepted! and your friends seem lovely :)



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