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top: target, cardigan: thrifted, vintage, skirt: thrifted, h&m, boots: dsw, backpack: c/o yeswalker.com
Yesterday was the day for an astronomy test, interacting with people, eating good food, and going on an exquisite friend date. It's always so freeing when I leave campus for a longer period of time -- it reminds me that I'm in college and living in a city. I love that. City living is really the only way I can see myself being satisfied in my current stage of life. As the quarter dwindles down to the last 12ish days, I'm nervously taking in all of Seattle as I can, because going back to Novato will be a bit of a disappointment in regards to the environment. It's funny, I was talking to Rachael about coffee shops and how many amazing local places there are around here + the Portland area (where she is from), and then I remembered that I don't have that luxury back home. Don't tell anyone, but I'm 90% positive that Seattle has made me a coffee snob. Shhhhh.

I went to get coffee and a snack at the Flying Apron mid afternoon yesterday with Rachael, and the amount of baked goods they had in there almost killed me. I've only been in a couple times before but had never tried their cookies/muffins/cakes. This cookie was heavenly. And huge. Rachael and I could have probably split one, but yeah nope. We both devoured our own and it sat and digested pleasantly in our bellies. :) Hopefully that makes you want to go eat a cookie now. Have a beautiful Memorial Weekend! xxoo E

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  1. That cookie looks yummy! Your hair looks great at this stage by the way :)

    xo Jennifer


  2. I hope you did well on your astronomy test--I loved astronomy when I had that class! And the Flying Apron? That's a hilarious name :) Anyways, I think the way you did your hair is really pretty and that cardigan looks super comfy and warm!


  3. City life is the only life's want to live too! I'm bias though and think London is the best city in the world ;)

  4. Your skirt!! Been searching for the perfect one in brown/camel too and I think it's perfect. Love your hair do <3

  5. I always love your little plant shots, Elanor! I'm adoring your dainty little rose earrings, too. It's the accessories that make a difference!

    Pssst it's ok to be a coffee snob. College turned me into one as well. I'd spend hours there! <3

  6. Love your cardigan and your eyes! I have a thing for blues eyes ^^ Hope you astronomy test did well :)

    Sofia G

  7. Your outfit is so adorable! I love that it's all from Target or thrifted! It's refreshing to see some bloggers still grounded when it comes to fashion. And I know exactly how you feel, I go to college in Philly and coming home to my small town away from the city is very discouraging.

    Also, that cookie looks delicious!

  8. I love your hair! It's really getting long - and your stylist is doing a great job keeping it shaped up!

    That t-shirt really came in handy - it looks so darling with many outfits. Don't feel bad about being a coffee snob - the best of us are... :)

    love you - looking forward to having you around again - even if Novato IS boring!! xoxo

  9. Aw you look so cute! Your hair is getting so long already. You give me hope that should I chop off all my hair, the growing out process won't be horrible. I love the color combination in this outfit too. The mint top looks great with your warm brown skirt.

  10. Hattitude Style Blog

    elanor your hair is getting so cute! i love how you've braided it. I have to catch up on your blog it's been awhile! you look lovely in this mint and brown outfit.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog


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