White Washed

sweater & skirt: thrifted, boots: target, tote: etsy
I managed to throw this outfit together in the midst of an early morning ordeal, in which I missed my 8 am class and then scrambled to decide what to wear, yet still have time to eat something before my next two classes. In high school I woke up at 6 am, so I find it weird that it is sometimes still a challenge for me to get up even at 7 am. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), next quarter all my classes will be later. Currently this is what's up: I am starting to take classes for the visual communications major! I have so much excitement about this, yet so much worry at the same time (big surprise, right?). I think the happiness surrounding my decision about viscom is overruling my worry, so THUMBS UP. :)

Along with the two art classes, I am taking UFDN 2000 ("University Foundations"/Christian scripture class) which I'm also pretty amped about. Like I said, the times for these classes are a little random (as in I start my school day at 11 am...) but nonetheless, I have really really good feelings about next year. Plus, Rachael and I are going to be roommates! It's official! We got the room we wanted and things are looking good. Still needing to finish up this quarter strong, though, and figure out what's happening for this summer.... so I'm not quite off the hook yet! Happy Thursday! xxoo E

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  1. aw, that sweater looks so cozy! glad you're so stoked for classes. :]

  2. 11 a.m.?!! Life of leisure! Glad you got those boots - love that look xoxox

  3. You are too cute. Excited for you as you head into summer and for your classes next quarter! Thanks for sharing your life with us. <3

  4. You are too cute. Exciting for you as you head into summer and your new courses in the fall! Thanks for sharing your life with us. <3

  5. I hope the end of school goes smoothly for you! Summer will be here soon enough!
    These prints look so fun together! Great thrift finds! You always find such cute things.

  6. Sorry you missed your class! But, your classes so sound fun! And I love your sweater with those earrings!


  7. Sounds like interesting classes!

    Have a great weekend x

  8. loving the contrast of the outfit on this post and the previous post!


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