Guava Goddess

dress: from kristie, boots & purse: thrifted, vintage, sunglasses: urban outfitters
Thank you all for your kind words on my last post and for whoever read it and may have been able to relate. Things are carrying on over here -- I'm living alone in my room now which is odd yet nice in some ways (and of course sad in other ways; seeing the other side of the room so bare!) Slowly but surely things will morph into a new norm and that's the way it goes. In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy with dance parties, walks in the warm sun (Seattle has been gorgeous lately), and maybe attempting to study for midterms... geez college, could you pause while I play outside?

If you've noticed, my hair is still in the process of growing out. I got it cut a bit ago so now it will hopefully be only a few more months before it is all the same length. The bangs will take the longest of course, but I'm okay with the stage I'm at currently! I suppose I don't have much more to report to you -- comments have been on the very low side for the past few months and I'll admit it has been making me a bit sour. At the same time, I also feel like I'm at a point where I care less if I get a lot of comments. So I guess that's good? Anyone have any interesting news? Maybe shoot me a link to your latest blog post if it's something you're especially proud of today! : ) xxoo E
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  1. :3 You're so cute. I'm so bad at commenting on people's blogs, but hopefully now that it's summer (for me, sorry to rub it in! At least you get warm weather, haha) hopefully I'll be able to comment more! Anyways, you look marvelous, as always. Your hair is looking pretty long now!

  2. I love that bag! It's very similar to the one I'm using now!


  3. That dress is the prettiest color!

    xo Jennifer


  4. This color is so pretty on you, and I'm loving your bag!

    My freshman year roommate transferred schools after our first year. We had become close friends over the year and did everything together -- even joined a sorority together. After she left I wondered if I could have done more to help her enjoy our school more, but in hindsight I know it had nothing to do with me. I know how you're feeling right now - it's hard!


  5. Have to admit, I'm terrible about leaving comments but I always enjoy your posts! Love your outfit, as usual!


  6. I never realized how much comments really mattered until I started my own blog a few months ago. I've read blogs for years and may only comment once in a while but I'm trying more often now to comment more often because it makes me a little crazy too! I love your dress by the way!

  7. I know I dropped off the commenting map, which is actually sadly one of the reason i stopped the old blog, but i do read every single one of your posts as they are always a good source of fashion ideas as well as a little glimpse into uni life! I am glad though that you are caring less about the amount of comments because since my 2 year break and starting my new blog, i have found that the comment and follower count really doesnt matter because I love my content and thats all that counts! :)


  8. Oh, I just love the color of that dress. Your title is seriously perfect~ Guava Goddess Elanor, oh la la! ;) Ehehe. I always appreciate a really suitable title for a post.

    Haha, it always seems we get the best weather when we need to be indoors studying or something. I guess you could always study outside under a nice, shady tree or something, yeah? :D

    Hmmm.. I am proud of myself for finally going to my first concert. :D And it didn't freak me out at all (I'm awful with crowds of people).

    Hope your exams go well, Miss Elanor!

  9. That color looks perfect with your skin tone!
    I just read about your roommate leaving, that's too bad.
    Hopefully things are cheering up a bit for you :)

  10. How lovely are you?
    Those little letters on the fence, or whatever they are, are really cute. I love how you include little things and beautiful photography in with your outfit photos.

    If you'd like you could check out my blog, i'd love it :)


  11. Your hair always looks so cute -- despite the infamous awkwardness of growing out a pixie! After my grad I am going to start growing mine out as well.
    I'm not very good at leaving comments on blog posts as well…I think I just get lazy but I appreciate every comment I get and I should leave more on other people's blogs because they probably feel the same way.


  12. Love the guava, I think I'll be investing in some of that color this spring (it's just so lovely). Though this is my first comment in some time, I always enjoy both your writing and adorable style! :)

  13. This dress is a great color for spring and it looks so nice and comfy too! Your hair is growing out so fast! I think it looks so cute here. Those sunglasses are the perfect touch too.

  14. I'm envious that you could power through the ordeal of growing out your hair!! But I actually am glad that I've gone short again :) that dress is so cute - Thanks Kristy! love you lots! xoxoxoxo

  15. I love that dress - super simple but the color is amazing. Living without a roommate is the weirdest, I agree. I never know what to do with myself when it's just me in a room.

  16. Help me thrift some boots this perfect in Seattle okay? :)


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