1 / Seattle Coffee Works. If only you could be on the SPU campus instead of a fake Starbucks... how I would love thee! If you've never been to Seattle Coffee Works (or Ballard Coffee Works, their Ballard location) then I suggest that be one of the first things you do. Tomorrow. GO. It has such a great vibe in the cafe and it's right downtown. It's always fun to make a trip down there and go get a drip coffee or an Americano and talk with the friendly staff and maybe eat a bagel. Yum.

2 / Despite the fact that this photo looks like a lot of food -- it's just one apple, one banana, and a handful of almonds. I had this for breakfast a bit ago and it was actually super filling! I wish I had more options with fruit here in college though. They mostly serve apples, bananas, and oranges at the cafeteria so I don't really eat any other fruit unless I buy it on my own. But do you even know how expensive strawberries or raspberries are?! I would love the most expensive of the fruits.

3 / And here's Kenneth/Alex! I never know what to call him. His first name is Kenneth but normally he goes by his middle name, Alex. I usually just end up calling him either of the names and (fortunately) he responds to both. This is how he usually looks at me: in an irritated/confused fashion. We were at another cafe that I like called Bustle, attempting to do homework.

4 / Lastly, my ticket to the Local Natives concert! Rachael and I still reminisce about that night and how out of the blue and perfectly random it was. Gahhh that show was so great! Now I have this ticket pinned up to my bulletin board next to my ticket stub from The xx show that I went to with Kristie last October... :)

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