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Happy 4th of July! As usual, I don't have a very holiday-esque post lined up for this morning, but if I take any photos today at the local county fair, then I'll definitely be posting those sometime soon... :) In the meantime, here are some photos from Tuesday! Jamin and I adventured into San Francisco to escape the heat that was enveloping the northern bay area. It was quite beautiful in the city -- in the 70s I think! He and I went to Amoeba Music in the Haight, then a lovely little used book store called Green Apple Books, and finally Ike's Place for dinner. We both came away with some goods; he bought two LPs and I bought a used book. It was a wonderful day!

Looking through Amoeba is fun because I have a list of records that I want to buy, but of course I don't have a turntable so I never actually end up buying anything hahah. One of these days I'll splurge or maybe ask for a big birthday/Christmas present. Seems about right. ;) Have a good holiday, everyone...! Stay cool & stay safe! xxoo E

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  1. Going to a record store is so fun. I can spend all day there!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Oh, please post pictures of the county fair! That's one of my favorite places! And I love other people's county fairs :) Happy 4th!

  3. That bottom picture is so pretty and quaint! I love the purple lining those windows. I want to go back to San Fran so badly and this makes me crave that city's vibe even more. Lovely post!

    Em @Tightrope to the Sun

  4. Amoeba and Green Apple are totally cool. Love those places. I have blogged about both.

    And which county fair are you going as we have Marin and Alameda going on?


  5. You should get a turntable, you will not regret it!

  6. Happy 4th! I love record stores. I'm totally jealous you are so close to San Fran, I would love to go! I've been in the airport there, which was nice....but not enough!


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