Somebody's Ground

overalls, top, & purse: thrifted, shoes: modcloth, sunglasses: urban outfitters
I hope you all had a fun 4th of July! As it turned out, I didn't go to the county fair... My friend Miranda and I just weren't feeling it this year. We did, however, go see a fireworks show up in Sonoma. Not only were the fireworks basically above our heads on this particular field (which was awesome, because we were laying down!) but there was this women who was commenting loudly during the whole show. Some others may have been annoyed by her excited yells and ridiculous observations ("NICE COMBO!" "WHOAAAA WOW!" "WELL DONE, WELL DONE!" "THAT WAS MY FAVORITE!"), we found her to a hilarious addition to the whole night and we were rolling around laughing virtually the whole time. It was perfect. I'm not sure if she was (a.) just very eccentric, (b.) drunk, or (c.) a combination of the two.

Anyway, I wore this outfit yesterday while I worked from home, ran some errands, and just spent some alone time with myself out and about town. I think I struggle with alone time. I definitely want it and need it, but I often don't know what to do with myself when I have it. On top of that, I think too much in general -- so alone time with my brain can create for issues. I think I sometimes run away from alone time because I'd rather not face those issues. Bahhh who knows. These days I find myself not wanting to be with most people but also not wanting to be alone, so basically I can't win. Haha and how are you today? ; ) xxoo E

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  1. Haha loud fireworks lady. Probably a combination of drunk and eccentric!
    Also, I definitely know what you mean about alone time. I need it, but if I get too much I start worrying way too much. I guess I need distraction!

    You look so adorable in these overalls. I love that this outfit is mostly all thrifted! Your leopard print shoes are awesome too!

  2. oh my, i TOTALLY know what you mean about having time for yourself. i am currently housesitting, so for the first time in a long time i have alone time. i just have no idea what to even do with myself! there are too many things that i could be doing, so obviously i can't settle on any of them! haha

  3. Honestly, I love being alone. I get so much more done and I just enjoy the quiet. I never have trouble finding stuff to do--I do, however, have to make myself get out and spend time with other people. So yeah, I'm totally opposite!

  4. I absolutely adore people like fireworks woman. Not as my best friends or anything...but just observing! This is such a cute outfit, always inspired by you.

    Greta xoxo

  5. Lovely post x
    I too struggle with alone time. I am what my husband calls a social butterfly, constantly in the company of others! I took up crafting to make sure that when I had some time alone, I had something to busy myself with so that I didn't have my brain flying at 100miles an hour when I was supposed to be relaxing or just being quiet.
    Hope you find something to help with you alone time

    Kathryn x

  6. I am so much loving your shoes, they're adorable!!

    Drawing Dreaming

  7. so cute! I have to borrow those shoes! xoxox


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