Bonjour mes amis!

skirt: thrifted, american apparel, top: thrifted, vintage, cardigan: my mom's, flats: c/o lebunny bleu
Bonjour, bonjour! Yes, not too hard to understand -- not yet at least! Guys! I'm learning French. I've been thinking a lot about languages and traveling lately and I just decided that it's not too late to learn. So I'm going to be using Rosetta Stone to learn French, and hopefully spruce up on my Spanish while I'm at it, as well. (I even went to the library today and borrowed two kids books that are in Spanish to practice!) But I'm actually determined. I think language is such a powerful tool and I would love to be fluent in a foreign language, or even more than one. What about you? What languages do you all speak?

On a different note (yet somehow similar too...), the wonderful company LeBunny Bleu contacted me and so graciously gifted me with this pair of their adorable shoes! The moment I got the emailed I squealed because of course I have seen their designs around the blogosphere for a while now. I've worn these flats numerous times since getting them in the mail, and I thought it was about time that I posted an outfit in them. Anyway, go check out LeBunny Bleu & have a beautiful day! x
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  1. Love how you styled your new flats!

    xo Jennifer


  2. How fun! I tried French for Rosetta Stone ... didn't get very far, don't remember anything, but I was only doing it for high school credit, haha. I hope you have better luck than I did! Also you looks super beautiful and happy. I like that. It makes me happy too. :3

  3. I love those flats, the blue is beautiful :)

  4. Love lebunny bleu shoes! good luck learning French!

  5. As someone who just got back from France, this sounds like an amazing plan! Languages are always so handy to have. Love the blue outfit.

  6. Cute shoes! Well, English is my second language, then in college I learned a bit of French and Spanish for a semester but only the basic. But learning language is always fun.

  7. that grey sweater looks so wonderful with your outfit! It almost looks baby blue - so pretty! I hope those shoes fit me .... :)

    Good luck with your language course! I know you will pick it up in no time! xoxo

  8. aww you look so cute, love your outfit! :)
    Learning languages is amazing! Here in Europe we usually have the idea that we speak more languages because we have to as usually people from countries that already speak English don't feel so much the need to learn something else... I think you defintiely should! ;)
    I speak Portuguese, English and French fluently, know an average German and Spanish and speak a little bit of Italian so I can definitely tell you learning languages is so exciting! :) if you need some help to practise, just let me know!
    P.S.- by the way, you should write "bonjour mes amis" has 'mon' is singular and the plural isn't made that way ;)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  9. I love this outfit!! And look at our hair! It's pretty much a bob already! Craziness...


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