Keep on Keepin' on

dress: a gift, jean jacket: a gift, vintage, purse: c/o oasap, flower crown: diy
I have a bad habit of looking down whenever I take outfit photos. It's a little bit better if I have an actual human being taking the photos -- but when I'm using the tripod, nope! Don't count on too much eye contact or smiles. It's nice being independent with the use of a tripod, but at the same time, so many of my happy memories from school were the times that Rachael and I would go on a mini adventure and take outfit photos somewhere pretty. 

I guess a bit of an update may be suiting: mostly I'm just plugging along these days. I suppose you could say I'm in a neutral state. My internships are the only things consistent right now -- well that and the fact that I've begun to rewatch Parks & Rec, so. Interning at AAA has been a really good learning experience and despite the fact that initially I wasn't keen on doing anything this summer (hey whatever, I'm lazy), I'm certainly glad I did in the end. It concludes August 16th, however, so we are wrapping it up with individual and group projects. 

My other internship, as you know, is with Moorea Seal. I am one of the bloggers for her brand new site's BLOG! :) I definitely recommend checking out both the blog and all the listings in the shop. I'm in love with everything. There are 33 unique designers on the site, but they all go together so well. Hats off to Moorea for curating this beautiful new shop! And I'll leave you with that. xx
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  1. You are gorgeous, I love the floral dress with the denim jacket.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. I enjoyed your posts at Moorea's website! Your jean jacket looks very clean.... :) xoxo

  3. This is such a great outfit! You are so so stunning. That close up of your face is stunning.

    Congrats on your internships and woohoo for a Parks and Rec rewatch! I did that a few months back and fell in love all over again. mmm Ben Wyatt. *sigh*

    Tightrope to the Sun


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