Inspirations, bk/br/wh

Please excuse my lull in blog posts -- I've been a bit preoccupied lately with life. Fortunately, I've still had time for Tumblr and I thought I'd put together a little collage of photos all with a similar black-brown-white color scheme that I've been very into lately. xx

(I claim none of these images as my own.)


  1. I adore that "draw me close" poster. Call me crazy but I love black and brown together, especially when it's as beautiful as that picture is!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. Girl, I have been SLACKING ON COMMENTS AND I AM SO SO SORRY. But I've been Tumblr stalking you and such so maybe that's somewhat excused. MAYBE BUT PROBS NOT.

    I'm back. Ish. HI.

    That beetle is seriously the coolest thing on Tumblr I've seen in a while. I'm glad you share my love for neat lookin' bugs. <3

  3. All of this is beautiful but the beetle is my favorite. Life has a way of pre-occupying us, and that's okay. :)


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