The Big Questions

Seven out of eight of these Instagrams were taken in San Francisco; just goes to show you how I'm sort of half living here this summer. But I like that I have that option to flip flop back and forth, y'know? And speaking of flipping back and forth (sort of...) I feel so ready to start school again - everyone on the semester schedule is getting going, but I've got more than a month left! Haha silly quarter system. But the truth is, I miss Seattle and SPU. While being in SF quite frequently has been amazing, it's a faux-reality in a way. But I don't know: what is actually reality, anyway? Yeah I went there. I ask the big questions, people. xx

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  1. I'm sure your last month will fly by!

    xo Jennifer


  2. lovely photos! I like this climate <3



  3. Hattitude Style Blog

    elanor where in SF are you staying? It's my favourite US city, second is Chicago. I just think SF is wonderful. I will have to pick your brains on where to go. Have you tried the dandelion chocolate home made on valencia street? Melt. I can't find chocolate like that ANYWHERE in canada. Hope to pick your brains soon on some cool spots in SF!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog


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