August Affairs

sweater: thrifted, the gap, skirt: flea market, vintage, boots: dsw, tote: from nicole
It's strange to remember that summer is largely coming to a close for a lot of people out there - I  mean, I suppose September is the first of the autumn months... but I forget that! Combined with starting school at the end of September, and living where the seasons aren't as distinct... September is still certainly looking like summer in my book. And a crazy rest of the summer it's going to be. I mentioned going on some trips, so here is my layout for you guys: August 28th to September 3rd = NEW YORK CITY to see the beautiful Nicole. I'm so excited to see her again, you guys. Becoming such close friend with Nicole has been one of the best things that has come out of blogging. Second trip... September 5th to September 12th = PORTLAND, OR! Flying up only a day later to stay with my wonderful friend Rachael.

My 20th birthday is the 7th of September, so I will be in Portland to celebrate. The celebration includes seeing The Head and the Heart! I, unfortunately, did not see as many shows as I had wanted this summer, but at least I will be getting to this one. And I'm anticipating that it will be great. On the note of my birthday.... if you scroll down a bit: I received Dr. Martens as my birthday gift from my parents! Sooo in love with them. I'm pretty sure they will now be the only shoe I wear.

Finally, as a last update: I'm sick! :( Came down with some throat/cold thing this past Sunday and it's only gotten worse. Today I've mostly tried to sleep and drink tea. Send some prayers my way, because my throat feels like C R A P / swallowing is painful... and the biggest problem is, I can't sleep because of it. I keep waking up all night. So anyway! Hoping to get better soon soon soon. xx

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  1. Beautiful!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Hey hey hey you should come visit meee while you're in Oregon!

  3. Lovely outfit! I love the skirt! That's so funny--I'm actually going to be in Portland on my birthday, too...My aunt and I are driving down there for the weekend, and I'm excited to explore.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. Hope you feel better soon! at least you look cute :) I hate it when I'm sick and I look bad too :/

  5. Portland is such a great place to see shows, seeing the Head and the Heart there sounds like such fun. Your outfit is super cute and I bet the docs will be fun to style. Hope you feel better :)

  6. I always wanted to go to Portland! Have fun and feel better soon x

  7. Praying for you! LOVE those Docs - Happy happy birthday early to my favorite girl! xoxoxoxo

  8. I'm hopelessly in love with your sweater. Great photos!

  9. Oh I do love this look from the jumper to the skirt.


  10. so cute! I can't get enough striped shirts :D


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