shirt: urban outfitters, skirt: thrifted, boots: doc martens, watch: 1:face
My first outfit posting with my new docs! Happy happy. I've been wearing these boots every day since I got them in order to break them in and get used to them. If you are familiar with Dr. Martens, you'll know that you should buy them snug because they will stretch with time. Right now they are definitely pretty tight in some areas, so wearing them can get a bit painful, but I'm told that's all a part of the process. And it's worth it. I'm having fun seeing what I can wear these boots with, and (not surprisingly) they go with basically everything. :)

Alsooo, I'm just about over my sickness; mostly it's just a nose cold now. But I'll definitely be better by Monday, I think! Thanks for the kind thoughts/prayers. Now excuse me while I'm off to watch Hannah and Her Sisters with my parents! Talk to you soon. xx

currently listening to // Explosions in the Sky - Trembling Hands


  1. You're so gorgeous! And you have definitely mastered the half shirt tuck thing. I can hardly ever seem to get it right! Glad you're feeling a bit better. :)

  2. I also got Dr. Martens, but then a few years ago. I tried walking them it, but that sure was hard! I got so many blisters I gave up. It's a shame actually.
    Anyhow, I think they look so good on you! Like the way you combined them :) But honestly, I think a lot of things look wonderful on you.


  3. cutie! love your clip and necklace!

  4. I also got doc's recently, and I am NOT excited about breaking them in. My friend got crazy blisters with hers but hopefully my first wear won't be on a walking tour of our campus...that might've been the problem. Good luck!

  5. I like how your hair is growing out :)

    xo Jennifer


  6. this outfit... just stop! those doc's are seriously the greatest thing of my life! i need a pair desperately! and i am still obsessed as ever with your tattoo. it is the greatest!

  7. Hattitude Style Blog

    ah elanor I love the last shot. SO beautiful. is this at your parents place? you look great. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog. I saw you had not been coming up on my news feed as often so I went searching for you to come read you. I always come back to your blog and i LOVE finding out new bands from you. Explosions in the skye is a great band! I really enjoy also reading about your music tastes which is similar to mine!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  8. the black and white looks so pretty! i love how fun the pattern on the skirt is and wow... those docs. to your post above, i have always been inspired by your photos, you captured some great angles of yourself just in this one and i like the last of the plant overlooking the dock.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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