I really don't like remembering that 2013 is nearly over. In fact, it freaks me out. Adults (hey I guess I'm basically one of those now!) always told me that time really starts to fly as you get older, but it has never been so apparent until now. It honestly feels like it was a day ago that I was celebrating the new year with Miranda, driving to Stinson Beach at 11:30 pm to greet 2013 on the dark shores of the pacific ocean. We brought cider and shortbread cookies and we stayed out there until past 2 am, talking about whatever and burrowing in blankets and animal ear beanies. I love that girl.

But I digress -- now it's almost 2014 and I'm like ????? How do you deal with life moving so quickly? I don't want to waste any time; it's truly scary how everything is so fleeting. Lately I've been thinking about how to make the most of my day, my week, my year; never to take for granted where I am and the experiences I'm having. That's one of my goals for this new school year: embrace Seattle and embrace being in a position where I can absorb as much knowledge as possible. It's so easy to get frustrated with school and homework and classes, but right now I'm craving that routine. Jamin has been in school for three weeks already and it's strange -- but I'm slightly jealous. This summer has been a long one. It's been full of experiences, good and bad... and it's weird, but I can't see it having been any other way. When I look back, it's an odd comfort to watch the rivulets separate and reunite and make the journey to where everything is now.

When I think about time and when I think about the past and the future I realize that there is so much unnecessary fear surrounding it all. Out of all things, I think fear and worry are the most dangerous. What would it look like to not be afraid of everything !? When I find out, you guys will be the first to know.

Additionally, on a side note, these photos were taken on Saturday at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco. I love plants and I love San Francisco, and it's surprising that I hadn't been here before. It was a wonderful day, if you were curious. xx
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  1. I know what you mean. I'm convinced New Year was yesterday. If I could I would go back and maybe redo some parts of this year. I wish time didn't fly so fast lately. I feel like it's leading to some less than great decisions. But I have a good feeling about the next few months of this year and an even better feeling about 2014.

    Good luck with starting school soon!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. my word, this year really has just flown by. i love what you said about fear. it holds so many people back (including myself). i feel like there is so much i have missed out on, because of my fears. i don't want my fears to define me anymore. it is just figuring out how to let go of it that is the tricky part.

  3. Great post - love your musings. To live life without fear = FREEDOM. We know the source of freedom... but it takes a lot of strength and courage to rely on Him... xoxoxo


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