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Happy 2014, everyone !

For the sake of catching you (or my future self) up on what life is currently looking like... Winter quarter has begun and I'm taking three classes: 2D art, art history: western traditions, and UCOR (basically a world history course). Ben has got me addicted to Breaking Bad so we've been watching that continuously since I came back up to Seattle at the end of December... We just finished season 4 – so intense, oh my gosh. I don't know what we'll do with ourselves once it's over.

The other day I downloaded a lot of music that I'd been meaning to get – lately I've been really enjoying listening to The Arctic Monkey's new album, AM, and also Kings of Leon's whole discography, thanks to Ben. I've bought tickets to see some bands in the coming months too! Volcano Choir with Rachael, Ben, and our friend Steve is at the end of January, which I'm very very excited about! And in February, we all are going to The Head and the Heart !! It would be killer to see a show in March too.

Some goals/resolutions/thoughts I've been having for 2014 kinda go like this:

Feel the fear, then DO IT ANYWAY
People's opinions are always IRRELEVANT
Take more photos of daily life
Avoid Facebook
Respond to text messages right away
Read 15 books / poetry / essays / articles
Go outside. Hike. Explore
Get a new tattoo
Exercise 2 times per week

currently listening to // kings of leon – true love way


  1. Happy 2014 glad to see you back in the blogging world. I recently discovered the head and the heart, I love their music. Great goals by the way.

  2. girl, such good goals!!! might have to steal a few of those for myself! and oh my word, Breaking Bad!!!

  3. Wow I adore the resolution to Be Intentional. That is such a wonderful thought and something I really need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

    Tightrope to the Sun


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