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Today was a day for movement. Last week my friend Katie told me about an opening for Photo Editor in the school newspaper and she encouraged me to apply. I wrestled with the idea, feeling a compulsion to apply – in fact, I knew that I needed to apply. Something in me insisted that I do it; that I take a plunge and give it a shot. This job would not only be for credits here at SPU, but I would also be getting paid. I would be working with a group of other students, directing them, and shooting for the paper as well. I had my interview today and it was nerve-wracking because I haven't had too much experience applying for jobs and interviewing... but I think it went alright. More importantly than if I get the job or not, I think I'm especially proud of the fact that I went for it and took the first steps. Movement ; progress. 

After my interview, Rachael and I ventured to Discovery Park which was a great reward in itself. We raced against time to make it down to the beach by sunset, and fortunately, we caught the sun at its orangest. Feeling a pull to be out in nature and amongst the trees has been a common thing for us lately. So I guess you could say I'm pretty grateful that this is available at my fingertips. A short car ride, blasting Kings of Leon; talking about the progress we've made and how life just does this thing where it surprises you. Ya know? And of course, smiles all around with my best friend, exploring this place called the great pacific northwest. xx

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  1. Good luck! Sounds like a great opportunity! I love your photos :)

  2. Good luck! I absolutely hate job interviews, I get so ridiculously nervous. I'm sure you were amazing though, how could they not want you? These photos are gorgeous, I wish I could get out of the city more often, it looks so peaceful xo

  3. It looks so beautiful! We are currently sitting under 2 ft of snow still so these are refreshing!

  4. Your blog always makes me visit the pacific northwest in the best of ways. I used to go every single year, a few times a year. It's been much too long since I've been back. I'll have to keep living through your glorious photos! I hope you get that job on your paper as well!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Simply beautiful photographs. Always so inspiring, Elanor.


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