Disposables // #4

Well, it's about time I got these photos developed from my latest disposable camera. I swear, I think I've had this one since over the summer! The beach photos above are from northern California at a beach called North Beach that I went to probably back in July. As beaches in Nor Cal go, it was freezing and windy of course. But I miss it, man. This particular beach has been one of my favorites. It's quite unknown and usually there are only a few brave surfers and people like me who go there to admire the pacific ocean and take a minute to breathe.

Because I had this disposable for so long before finishing it, I couldn't even remember of what I actually took photos. So the surprise element was definitely there! There's so much instant gratification with digital cameras and iPhones nowadays that having to wait for film to develop feels like an adventure in itself, even if these are just cheap disposable camera photos.

The first two shots above are from the summer as well when I went to Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR to spend a week with Rachael for my birthday (photos from that can be found here). It's very interesting comparing this Oregon coast beach photo from the ones at the top in Nor Cal. So different! And of course, the rest of the photos here are just from my time in Washington so far this school year. The tree houses with Ben when we first started dating (more photos can be found here) ... Discovery Park with Ben, Rachael, and our friend Steve... A view of the city of Seattle and the lovely Space Needle from Kerry Park...

I love the memories that a photo can hold. I talk about this a lot with Rachael – we're determined to capture the people and the places and the things that we love in life. It's just so great to look back and remember something with that visual element. xx

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  1. These pictures are such fun! I especially like the last one with the view of the Seattle skyline.

    decked out in ruffles

  2. These pictures are great! The last time I used a disposable, all of the pictures came out horribly. Maybe it's time I try my luck again.

  3. Film just makes the ocean look incredible. I love these!

  4. how did I miss these last two posts?! lol! Great shots from the disposable: you should have updated everyone about getting the position at the Falcon!! You are always in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo


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