Disposables // #6

More disposable camera film! I wasn't sure how this set would turn out because I've had this camera since the beginning of spring break and I couldn't even really remember of what I took photos. These were my favorites from the batch. The ones near the bottom are obviously from my spring break camping endeavors and the ones near the top are more recent. Rachael and I rearranged our dorm room a bit – we turned the couch so now it feels like the room is almost two rooms or something. The space is different and we dig it. :) It's crazy to think that's soon we'll be moving out of this space and the dorms !!!

In light of the recent news of the murders near Santa Barbara, I just want to state that my heart goes out to all involved and effected. But on top of that, I'm just so disgusted by the things I'm hearing and reading – the people defending the reasoning for the shooter's actions. Obviously I believe mental illness is a huge factor involved in this case.. but the issue of male entitlement and misogyny is stinging me hard right now. Ugh. I don't know. I'm not one to address this sort of thing, but I'm feeling very heavy right now reading about this case and thinking about all the violence against women that goes undocumented. God help us.

I have so much to do for the rest of this quarter, but this weekend is the Folk Life Festival in Seattle, which I do wish to go to today or tomorrow, so hopefully that happens! May the remainder of your long weekend be safe & enjoyed in the company of those you love. And thank you for reading, as always. xx E


  1. that is one of the things i love about film! i always seem to forget when i started, and when i get it back there are always hidden treasures i forgot about!! and that case... i have been feeling the exact same way lady. it is just disgusting.

  2. That picture of the Seattle skyline is just delicious! And I've always loved the little glimpses of your dorm room. It looks like such a wonderfully creative space with such great vibes.

    On a different note, the shootings have been hitting me hard as well. I'm studying feminism a bit in a class as well as on my own right now and then these crimes. It's so awful and even more awful how new it all seems. I hope that some good change can come from such horrible hate.

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