Disposables // #7

While I've mostly abandoned this place (or so it seems?) I thought it would be nice to share some more recent disposable film photos I've taken so far over the course of this summer. I can't really tell you the last time I took photos with my DSLR – probably over spring break. I guess blogging just isn't a priority in my life right now, and I've sort of come to terms with that. However, I still love photography and I still love the process of documenting tidbits of my life. That's what these disposable camera photos are all about, as well as my Instagram photos with which I'm still having fun.

As an update on my life, I'm in the midst of the summer before my junior year of college – it's so so so weird how I'm already half-ways through my undergraduate career. Trying not to let that freak me out. Ben and I have been dating for 9 months, though it feels like longer. We have a trip planned to go back to California on the 15th to spend some time with my family, which I'm really looking forward to! 

My 21st birthday is also coming up on the 7th of September... needless to say I'm super excited to finally be 21. Overall this fall looks like it's going to be filled with a lot of great things. School starting up again – I'm going to be working as the designer for SPU's literary and arts journal called Lingua – I'm taking more art/design classes – I'll be living in a house off campus with 6 friends (gonna decorate the whole joint, you better believe it). I love summer but there is something so wonderful about Seattle in the fall. If you were here, you'd understand.

See you next time I feel like a post... ;) 


  1. mmmm seattle is so magical.

  2. Your photos are just so lovely, Elanor, and I always love seeing inside your room. I've always wanted that quilt of yours, heheh. :) And I love all your tiny and cute plants!

  3. These are so wonderful. Your blog has me head over heels for Seattle!

  4. Ugh! These are always my favorite posts. I just adore your disposables. Makes me want to take more of them.


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