This quarter at SPU, I'm taking a digital photography course that's required for my major (visual communications). Today I took out my camera which I think legitimately had dust on it from lack of use. My beautiful 50 mm lens had probably thought I would never use it again... but man, if there was one thing I missed about the big DSLR nonsense that I used to deal with so frequently – it would be this gorgeous lens. I had forgotten (though how could I?) how lovely lovely lovely lovely this baby is. Anyway, to get on with the point... I had to do some exercises focusing on shutter speed, aperture, etc and these were a couple results. Nothing amazing, just some familiar views from around my house here in Seattle. Plus, of course, Ben, my boyfriend of almost a year. Why is it that photographing the people we love brings us so much joy? I guess I sort of see it like, capturing them in a photo makes them real. They aren't just these fictional characters – they're real, they're flesh. I love remembering that, and taking photos definitely helps.

Maybe you'll see more posts from me over here, now that I have someone forcing me to take photos... ;)

xoxo Elanor

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