The Suburbs

(top: costco // skirt: mom's closet // necklace: target // belt: goodwill // shoes: ??)
Yesterday, my friend Jessica and I had a photo shoot! As I said in my last entry, we did one before, and it turned out well, so we wanted to try again! We walked around a park in our town and yet again, rediscovered the jumping affect! We laughed so much during these shots. :)Oh! And we also saw these cute little deer family! A momma and her two babies. They are kinda hard to see here, cause they blend in so well! They were eating when we first saw them, and as we continued to take photos, they sat down. Heheh... so cute.

As a reminder, I'm MIA till the 18th, so my next post will hopefully be sometime after that. Although, school starts the 23rd. Uh ohhhh.
xxoo Elanor
currently listening to... Arcade Fire - Wasted Hours


  1. Haha this is so fun :) i've never done a shoot with a friend before! I love your skirt and bright top!

  2. I really like this whole outfit and love arcade fire and their new cd


  3. Love the colors! These photos are so fun, I love the jumping pics haha :]

  4. Oh I wish I had your style at 16. Not even sure if I have it now :-s

  5. Yay, you're flying! Haha (: You are both incredibly lovely! Cute skirt btw!



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