First of all, I just need to thank you guys so much for the things that those of you said in my last post. I am so shocked and appreciative and I honestly just don't know what to do with myself... other than say thank you. Thank you for caring about me and thank you for reading all the nonsense I have to say -- today and always. Thank you for understanding where I'm coming from and trying to help. Yours words were enough.

I still don't fully know what route I want to take in regards to the dilemma that I posed in my last post. However, as I had mentioned -- I'm going on a couple trips in the next few weeks... New York City and then Portland/Vancouver. While you read this I'm probably already at the airport! So, here's what's happening: I'm going to avoid blogging and avoid other blogs while I'm on these two trips. I'm just going to live and do my thing and not worry about it. I'll definitely be taking photos (cuz I mean, duh) but Missing Lovebirds will be very quite for now. No guest bloggers, no check-ins, no nothin'.

So, until September 12th when I fly home, you'll be able to find me on all the other platforms of communications: my Twitter, my Instagram, my Tumblr, or by email: thecity.smiles@gmail.com. Just in case.

I love you guys all so much and I thank you so much for being amazing human beings. Thanks. See you soon! 

x E