Florals & Light Washed Denim

dress, & shoes: goodwill, tights: urban outfitters, jean jacket: a gift, scarf: a gift
Before I forget, the first thing I need to say is this - isn't light washed denim the perfect fabric for the spring/summer? I was thinking about this yesterday when I wore this outfit. It's spring now and I think I will be wearing this jean jacket a lot more! It's a vintage GAP jacket that I got from my grandparents for my last birthday and so far it's gone to great use! Thank you Granny and Grandpa! ♥

As I said, I wore this yesterday to school and then for a whole busy afternoon. I went to the dermatologist and a sewing lesson, then I met with Miranda at the library to study calculus. And lucky me, she took some photos of me afterwards! Then we ate some dinner at a nearby restaurant and became lovely and stuffed. :)

I'm super tired from today so I think a nap is in order. Cross your fingers that I don't sleep too long... lately I've been napping for two hours a day! I don't think it's healthy...! Anyway, see you soon! xx
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A Peek!

You all will have seen these phone pics if you follow my Twitter - but I've been keen on sharing a few on the blog too. :) They aren't directly from this past week but you get the idea. Won't it be nice when the Android market finally has Instagram? For those of you wondering, I currently have been using an app called mytubo which I happen to like a lot. In the past I've also used an app called Magic Hour, as well as Pudding Camera. Android users need good camera apps too, right?!


Ode to a blue skirt

top: my mom's, skirt: goodwill, shoes: thrifted, purse: dooney & bourke, vintage
Happy Sunday and long time no see, my dear friends. :) I decided to come back to blogging/the internet today and end my hiatus. The break was good, though, but fairly quickly I missed posting. This past week has been pretty crappy, overall. I've thought about it and decided that I don't wish to share what happened because right now it doesn't matter anymore. I am okay for the most part. It was really sweet the number of people that contacted me and kept me in their thoughts and prayers, though. ♥ So thankyou everyone.
Today I was supposed to continue with my Sunday Series, but since I haven't posted since last Tuesday, I thought it was necessary that I post these photos and talk to you guys a little. Once again, thank you for your support about wanting to change up this blog. For some reason right now I feel very confident in posting what I want, when I want. I hope this feeling stays.

On a different note, I'm very proud of myself because I bought this blue skirt on Friday but it was about mid-calf length and looked a little bit Sunday school teacher ish. (hehe) So Friday night I chopped this sucker up and did a little sewing! I'm excited that I can now hem. I know it's not that hard, but I'm so excited! Haha. I'll leave it at that. :) Have a sweet Sunday everyone. xx
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Unexpected Hiatus

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going on an unexpected hiatus due to an abrupt change in my life that I somehow have to figure out how to deal with. I'm currently in a state of confusion, uncertainty, and I'm all around upset. I'm sorry to be so vague, but I don't want to explain it on the blog right now. I'm not sure how long the hiatus will be - for now, assume at least a week - maybe more, maybe less. I just need to get my head screwed back on.

Thank you all for your support and friendship and kindness. If you need me, email me at thecity.smiles@gmail.com.

Love, Elanor


As steady as a Hammer

dress: swap, mousevox vintage, belt, boots, & cardigan: goodwill, purse: ross, fox ring: c/o oasap
Thanks to those of you who looked at my first Sunday Series post and furthermore to the few of you who commented! I'm really thankful for your support. :) I'll let you in to my life a little: I have fears that if I mix things up more frequently and post more content than just outfit posts, I'll get less comments and less views and less followers. I've been longing to feel like I can post whatever I want whenever I want, but in the back of my mind I have that nagging thought that reminds me that I might just get one comment, and so I get scared. But I don't want to just post outfits - I'm sorry, I love sharing my style, but there are a lot of other things I want to share too!

I'm sure you get where I'm coming from, and I'm sure you know how I feel about stats too - even if that's not the important part. It's a reality that bloggers like to pretend don't effect them at all. But who am I kidding? I'm only human.

Anywhoo, I wore this on Sunday! This dress came in the same package as this skirt - both are from the secondhand swap I'm participating in. See how Annalise of Hummingbird Girls styled the dress HERE and see how of Rachel of Mousevox Vintage styled it HERE. :) I really adore the girls in this swap, and sending and receiving packages is just so much fun. It always brightens up my day! Have you ever done a swap? Tell me about it! xx
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On Saturday I went into the city with a group of friends and while we were driving there we listened to a mix CD of my friend Maggie's. She introduced me to a whole slew of new music and now I'm going to introduce you! Have you heard of Lykke Li? She's apparently a Swedish pop/indie rock/electronic artist. Take a listen? :) *photo


The Sunday Series// v.1

Three things that have been on my mind this week...
I discovered artist Matte Stephen's work on Hummingbird Girls and was immediately enchanted by his pieces. His whimsical style and the colors he chooses are just so lovely. I would simply adore either of these on my wall, wouldn't you? (blog//etsy)
I've been seeing images of painted sticks around blogs and Tumblr quite frequently lately, and I love the concept. It's so simple and easy to do, but so pretty! I have it in my mind to begin gathering some sticks to try this out...! (first//second)
Last but not least... MINT! Pastels are apparently the big trend now, but I can't say it really grabbed me until I saw a pair of mint Dr. Martens at a store on the Haight. I did not buy them that day and have regretted it since! (first//second)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm looking to start mixing up and adding on to the content of this blog, so please tell me what you think! Have a relaxing and beautiful Sunday! x


Like rain & sunshine on a rainy day,

jacket: vintage, blouse: thrifted, bow: great grandma, belt: held over, vintage, skirt: goodwill, shoes: vintage
So it's official - the auburn color that I dyed my hair back at the end of December is just about gone. My natural hair color hath returned. I know this because I finally got my hair cut yesterday, and they chop chop chopped off all the icky, faded auburn. Haha. For my first experience dying my whole hair color something new, it wasn't too bad. :) At first I was scared by how orange it was. (see HERE) But by a couple weeks in, it faded just enough that it wasn't SO orangey and it was actually auburn.

Ah well - it's gone now. :) I wore this outfit yesterday to school and then to get my haircut and meet my mom to grab dinner. We chose Chevys and dined joyously - I got fajitas! Yummm. And tonight I'm actually spending some quality time with my dad! We don't hang out as much as I do with my mom, but when we do, it's always special. ♥ Remember when I went to LA to see Les Miserables in June? Yeah! I went with my dad! So tonight we are going to go see The Lorax in theaters! Have any of you seen it? I'm excited! Talk to you soon! xx
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Umbrella Weather

dress: a gift, sweater: thrifted, boots: vintage, held over, roadrunner pin: flea market
So it's pouring here. Apparently for the next week or so... I love it. Rain is gorgeous to watch and even lovelier for listening. Now, I wouldn't say it's absolutely ideal to go outside with only yourself and a tripod in the windy rain to take outfit photos... but as I'm sure you've learned about me thus far - I'll do it. And yesterday I did! I grow bored of my back deck when it's dry, but for some reason, I enjoy taking outfit shots more on the deck when it's raining. Maybe it gives me some sort of strange hope that the marsh we live off of will return to being water if it rains enough. Hehe... Though that will never happen...! :(

Anywho, I actually love how these rainy photos turned out! They have a misty look to them which I enjoy. Not to mention that I like this outfit a lot too. What do you think? Also, here's a question for you all - would you brave rain to take photos? Am I just crazy? Haha. :)

If you didn't notice, I didn't do a Mixtape Monday this week - yet again because of a crazy weekend prior. I may change MM to every other Monday, but we'll see. I'm really starting to think seriously about mixing up what I post about too. I'd love to do more daily life type photos, but the thing is, I'm not going to take photos at school...And I go to school 5/7 days of the week... What do you think I should do? I'm going to start writing down ideas and the like. See you soon! xx
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Warm & Cool

dress: ruche, jean jacket: found it, flats: buffalo exchange, coat: thrifted
I'm a little late on posting this, but I had a busy weekend as you all know by now what with the Showcase. It was pretty exhausting and boring like I predicted but oh well! It's the last year I have to do it, fortunately. But anyway, I wore this on Friday and Nat took these photos for me before we went to his house for the evening.

My mom and I recently thrifted these shoes when we were on the Haight a few weeks ago and I just love the color. I think they look really nice with the orange of the dress to boot. :) Not to mention they match the blues on my necklace. Sorry to cut this short, but I have to go to the elementary school where I've been volunteering for an after school reading program. Got to get in those community service hour! Have a nice Monday! xx
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